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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Bursa Malaysia:Mid Cap top pick for 2007

Bursa Malaysia:Mid Cap top pick for 2007 http://bursatop.blogspot.com

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Closed Blog

I will stop using this blog to share my investment experience in Bursa malaysia, the market is bullish and may be further uptrend. there is useless i continous claim useless bursa malaysia. I will continous my blogging at


Monday, December 04, 2006


Kesm, involved in the provision of semiconductor burn-in services, assembly of electronic components & testing of semiconductor integrated circuits. The perofrmance impact by slow grow semi conductor industries, this can be see from the financial result. The turnover and profit remain flat for the period under review for this 2 year. But overall the pe just 5 time with EPS at 36 cent and constantly profit show that is good management. NTA now is more than 3 dollar with stock price 1.80 . Remember when it recent peak at 3.60 during 2003. So uptrend potential is there. it low at 1.4/1.5 some whee few month back.
Do u see the potential?

Friday, December 01, 2006

Investment Diary and Call warrant update 1/12/2006

You can see on the table that average premium on Call warrant is reducing or exhausting, this due to buyer already alert the risk of premium involving in CA, Only invest those blue chip that you think that still under pricing or potential to move on. Just remind that CA is not tradisional type of warrant, the expiry date is short. Avoid those seriously out of money and expiry soon. If buy Scomi Ca, you rather go for Gamuda WB which expiry soon and get the convertion discounts as yesterday price 4.21+ 0.47 =4.68 and mother at 4.92

Still think that Maxis Ca, Maybank Ca , Commerce Ca is top pick due to lower premium. and potentially, especially Commerce assets, if plan for merging goverment link plantation success, believe it will lift to another high. invest on your own risk, this just my 2 cent opinion. Although I have handsome gain on Maxis CA and RUB recently. I believe Bursa will continous lift up more potential counter.

As my previous post on top pick on mesdaq, i wonder why quality mesdaq and some quality 3rdlinear counter still not in play. But I believe soon will lift up too.